Our Commitments

PSA Management is committed to the highest level of ethics, compliance, transparency, safety, and quality. Our focus on innovation and sustainability will continue to evolve. We view support of diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility as an intricate part of our corporate culture.

Ethics & Compliance

At PSA Management, we are committed to the highest level of ethical standards in all that we do.

Code of Conduct:

Our Code of Conduct outlines the basic legal guidelines and our standard principals of conduct we expect our employees to adhere to and our business partners, subs and vendors to be guided by. The Code is designed to help recognize and resolve any ethical or compliance issues that may arise in our daily work.

We place the utmost importance upon our reputation for honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. Our Ethics and Compliance Program, which is based on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason, is a vital part of the way we conduct ourselves.

Conflicts of Interest Policy:

A conflict of interest arises when an employee’s personal interest became in conflict (or could be in conflict) with the interests or business of the Company. Our Conflict of Interest Policy outlines the procedures for disclosing any actual or possible conflict of interest, determining whether a conflict of interest exists, and the responsibilities of our employees and Company in resolving any such discrepancies.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our people and partners are number one priority on all of our projects. At PSA Management, we are committed to zero incidents in the workplace because we believe that every incident is preventable. It is our utmost obligation to ensure that everyone goes home unharmed at the end of every working day. We do so through safety inductions, classroom and on-job specific safety training, safety walkdowns, safety campaigns, verification of competency testing, etc.

Our commitment to safety is outlined in our Health and Safety Manual which includes our standards and procedures for all types of risk hazards we expect to face on our projects. Its primary aim is to ensure we are able to effectively monitor, assess, prevent or reduce the risks associated with the work we undertake.


Work Quality

At PSA Management, we are committed to providing high-quality services to our clients by ensuring that work is done right the first time. Our QA/QC Manual provides clear direction for what we expect from our employees at all levels.

It also provides the processes, tools, training, and expertise needed to identify quality issues before they occur and promptly fixing them should they materialize while capturing lessons learned within a collaborative workspace.

Diversity, Inclusion & Employment


Being a fast-growing MBE firm, we at PSA Management value and embrace diversity because we believe that optimum solutions require different backgrounds, new perspectives, and open minds.

We leverage diversity through inclusion and empowerment that fosters respect and opportunity for all our people regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, beliefs, etc.

We ensure all our employees are fully integrated in one highly performing team while retaining their unique qualities.

Sustainability & Innovation

UCLA defined sustainability as: “the physical development and institutional operating practices that meet the needs of present users without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, particularly with regard to use and waste of natural resources.”

At PSA Management, we will do that by providing our clients and the communities where we work with clean, efficient, and environmentally-friendly long-term solutions that exceed their sustainability goals and targets. We will continue to do so until the suitability principles we believe in run a common thread throughout the construction industry.

The following are some of the sustainability measures we take on every project we manage:

  • Apply lean and best practice construction methodologies whenever applicable
  • Protect the environment and wildlife at the construction site
  • Effective utilization and reuse of construction materials to minimize waste
  • Prevent site pollution and minimize water consumption
  • Control construction equipment emission, noise and generated dust
  • Ensure proper management and handling of hazardous and solid waste
  • Ensure high quality workmanship to prevent rework, waste and minimize maintenance cost
  • Ensure fair participation of local workforce, diversity and fair employment
  • Ensure adequate welfare amenities and medical services at the construction site

Social Responsibility & Community Engagement

Our goal is to leave our customers and the communities where we work with a positive and everlasting legacy after completion of our projects. Despite being a small firm, PSA Management has established and financed the following scholarship programs which are aimed at empowering the future leaders of the communities where we work in. The programs provide financial aid to students enrolled in a pre-major in Engineering, Architecture or Construction and pursuing a 4-year degree.

  • Palm Beach Community College (PBCC), Scholarship Program
  • A.B. Otokiti Scholarship at Valencia College (VC)
  • A.B. and M.E. Otokiti PSA Management, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

In addition, PSA Management is a sponsor of many fundraising events and charitable organizations.